Inspiration: Stars

Some of the biggest feelings we try to evoke with our the Empire of Australia’s projects are melancholy, nostalgia, heartbreak and mystery. These are qualities that the songs of Stars have in abundance.

The play that formed the initial inspiration for the Empire Universe was named Your Ex-Lover is Dead after the song by Stars.

While they continue to create some truly beautiful and heartbreaking music, some of their earliest works have had the biggest impact on The Empire.

From their 2000 EP “A Lot of Little Lies for the Sake of One Big Truth” is a gorgeous song called Theme From The Stars. With piano and horns featured prominently, this song evokes a desperate kind of struggle:

I saw the sun again

and I was happy to be there with my one true friend

until the very end

As the story of Jasper Taylor unfolds, this song is a kind of core anthem for him: the striving to undo something that cannot be undone; to fix something that cannot be fixed; to put back together the broken pieces of himself and of his life.

The title song from their album No One Is Lost feels like it was written precisely for the Empire of Australia. I mean, the video has somebody wearing a rabbit mask.

From the night

From the opposite side of the light

From the twin planet we never see

From the night

Here’s a message to all of you sleeping

Every dream in your head

As you lie in your bed

Is worth keeping

Let’s be young

Let’s pretend that we never will die

Let’s imagine that no one is lost

It’s not easy but we’ve got to try

Some of their songs have such an otherworldly, unusual feel and lyrics that defy explanation while they evoke an overwhelming feeling of sadness tinged with hope. The Black House, the Blue Sky is just such a song and serves as an anthem of sort for another character of the Empire Universe: Emma Hubert, daughter of the late Clementine Hubert (Ambassador to Cascadia from the Republic of Louisiana).

The music of Stars has left an indelible mark on the characters, stories, and overall zeitgeist of the Empire Universe.

Other Stars favorites include:

  • The Aspidistra Flies from The Comeback EP
  • On Peak Hill from Nightsongs
  • Soft Revolution from Set Yourself on Fire
  • Set Yourself on Fire from Set Yourself on Fire
  • Life Effect from Heart

You can learn more about Stars on their website and you can support them on Patreon.

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